5 Tips for Standing Out in Instagram

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It doesn’t take a very in-depth search to realize that there are many tips out there about creating the perfect social media content. We know you’re busy so we’ve saved you some time by compiling what we believe are the top 5 tips that can help you positioning your social media brand and more importantly, get noticed by the most possible potential customers.

Engage Your Followers 

Simple, but effective and powerful advice. Engaging with your followers ad customers and creating interesting and relevant content is the first and most important strategy for your online presence. This connection is critical because it unites the conversation between what you are selling and what your customers want. If you are posting about the breakfast you had instead of talking about your business, you’ll lose customers on a daily basis, the opposite of your intended effect. Focus on relevant posts and information that your customers will be happy to engage with.

Create Short Videos

As many people already know, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms allow users to create video content. Use these tools to create short videos. It’s impossible to ignore the power of short videos given that 150 million users per day are creating videos of their own. If you need more followers and engagement, start simply by using Instagram Stories.

Post Great Pictures

A good picture can speak for itself and as we’ve heard countless times, it’s worth a thousand words. What I simply want to relay to you is that you don’t even have to write too much text if the picture is a powerful one. The picture will do all the talking, and more importantly, all the selling. Successful examples of such pictures includes Nike, Tiffany & Co. and Apple.

Don’t Go Hashtag Crazy

We know you love hashtags. So de we. However, there does come a point where they actually work against you and your company. When we see a post with a flood of hashtags, it screams of wanting to much attention from anyone that may be looking. What we want, in fact, is to reach out to your companies specific demographic since those are going to be the audience that will most likely want your product. Attention Is great but it doesn’t sell products at the end of the day. Focus on good hashtags that are relevant to your business and your customers and you’ll draw in the right customers to your posts.

Instagram is for Pictures

Remember when we poked our friends on Facebook? Neither do I. The reason is that Facebook has become a place where we interact with the world and share out stories, pictures and posts, not a place to poke people. Each social media platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses, that’s why is its important to use each platform to it’s strengths and maximize their marketing potential. Instagram in particular is a photo sharing platform and that’s what it’s best at. Yes, it has the capability to add set but overdoing it on text is not only a waste of your time, but also proven to be ineffective. Keep it short and to the point and make sure that pic is the best that it could be. When is the last time you read a long post on Instagram? Exactly. Short and sweet and people will remember it Amon the hundreds of posts they look at each day. Your picture has to break through all the noise.

Posting take time, let’s be honest and time is not something we have a whole lot of. That is why we need to maximize the impact of how we use our time online and post images, videos and content that is effective and reaches our intended audience time and time again. These 5 tips, while by no means an exhaustive list are a great starting point to leading a successful social media marketing campaign that will deliver results and customers to your company.