Exclusive Social Media Marketing Strategies
Exclusive Social Media Marketing Strategies

Is it safe to buy Followers on Instagram?

We all know that on social media, first impressions really matter. For example, think of accounts with millions of followers versus accounts with just thousands, you probably know that accounts with way more followers and engagements convert a lot better.

Whether you’re a small creator or business trying to get ahead on this game, you’ve probably been tempted to buy Instagram followers at some point.

There’s dozens of services out there that allow you to buy Instagram followers for the price of a cheap lunch, but you have some questions, and we’ll try to answer them.

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of sellers who will offer you 1,000 followers for just $20 or less, and the majority of these followers are advertised as real, when in most cases they are bots with varying qualities.

When you buy Instagram Followers, you just get followers, and no engagements.

When you buy Instagram followers from these websites, you should know that they are usually not real profiles, however, service providers provide varying qualities, so it’s good to know this before making a purchase.

Another thing you should know, is that these fake profiles never engage with your profile beyond just following it, and if you want to buy Likes, Views and Comments, you’ll have to buy those independently.

You might lose some of the Followers you buy

When you buy Instagram followers, you risk losing some over time, since they are accounts that are likely to be removed by Instagram. However, a lot of sellers get around this by creating high quality profiles which last longer.

Some sellers also offer a refill or refund guarantee, and it pays to know these things before making a purchase.

You might skew your metrics

Finally, we think that when you buy Instagram followers, since they come from varying countries, you run the risk of skewing up your metrics, if they matter to you you ought to consider before buying, or how much you buy.

Alternatives to buying Instagram followers

Instead of buying Instagram followers, you’ll have to go through and actually post daily content that engages with people.

Another tip is to use a hashtag strategy that suits your needs and targets those on the explore page that might search for your product or service.

Thirdly is to partner up with influencers to promote your page, you can pay influencers a small sum to have them feature your page, and that’s a very legitimate way to gain follows.

If you still want to buy followers, where should you buy them?

We have tested over 100 sellers in the market, and without a doubt, we have come down to 2 suppliers.

SMMBoost is our number one pick for a few reasons. When you buy Instagram followers from SMMBoost, you get your followers within minutes, and they allow you to pick male or female followers. They have great customer support and a great refund policy.

Optimize Social is tied with SMMBoost, when you buy Instagram followers from Optimize Social, you also get followers within minutes, they also offer a flexible refund and refill policy, and great customer support.

Good luck growing on social media!

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