stever ragequits

Nihilist make this your patty cake server Where no one is allowed to talk to your quants If you’re charging people for charts better expect fire when you rope people That’s called accountability Dead can’t take mild shit talking? Should have stayed out of this channel I’ve never changed nihilist you have You’re on top now and when you’re on the bottom your attitude will be different lol As usual Nihilist is blaming me for dead being a snowflake. Other than that there’s nothing going on I haven’t persuaded anyone in this server one way or another on a trade in months And you could have talked to me about it in private but you aired your grievances here So clearly this relationship is beyond repair Change the channel I’m out See you in the funny papers. I haven’t done anything wrong. Nihilist is just a snowflake now and that wasn’t the direction we wanted to go in when he got the server but clearly he does now So I’ll save nihilist the effort

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