What is Online or Digital Marketing?

What is Online Marketing or Digital Marketing?

Online marketing is a way to promote through social media and internet channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, websites, webinars, forums etc.

These internet channels are used to contribute to marketing activity that has evolved and changed over the years in a progress and useful way helping to reach new customers as well as maintaining existing customers. Ultimately, online marketing is an efficient way to offer and sell products and services.

In online marketing there are four main goals that are relevant at the time of execution that all businesses should adhere to in order to rate their effectiveness and success. In this way, one can decide whether changes need to be made or if the online marketing strategy is fine the way it is.

  1. User-Friendliness: This measures the effectiveness and was of use of the service and/or product that you are offering your customer. That is to say, any website in which the goal is to reach a specific audience should be easy to use and essentially user-friendly. There should be no navigation problems at all during the users experience.
  2. Interface: A well designed user interface allows the main content to stand out and easily be understood by all who view it. It should be simple and easy to interact with. Don’t make it too busy or you’ll lose your customer. Having a clean interface will lead to bigger interest in any service or product information you are offering.
  3. Search Engines: They are in charge of all the information that we look for on the internet day in and day out. To market yourself properly on search engines, there are two main ways to do this: SEO & SEM. The former refers to the organic position your company shows up on any search engine when someone searched for your product or service. The latter refers to paying for placement in search results through services such as Goole Adwords. (Also called PPC)
  4. Promotion: This is when you promote using exclusively internet based methods such as e-mail marketing, e-advertising (Banners), social media marketing (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

In summary, if you want to reach your audience effectively, there are some simple rules that need to be followed consistently. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a good place to get started on the right track. Get started and full steam ahead!

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