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Exclusive Social Media Marketing Strategies

How To Buy IGTV Views

Instagram TV (IGTV) has become a popular platform for influencers, businesses, and individuals to share longer-form content. However, getting your videos seen by a wider audience can be challenging. One solution to this problem is to buy IGTV views. This guide will walk you through the process of buying IGTV views, why you might want to consider it, and how to do it safely and effectively.

Why Buy IGTV Views?

There are several reasons why you might want to buy IGTV views:

  1. Boost Visibility: Similar to Instagram likes and views on regular posts, buying IGTV views and likes sends positive signals to the Instagram algorithm and quickly improves the visibility of your post.
  2. Organic Growth: In the long term, if a video is engaging, IGTV views can earn more views organically simply because users are curious.
  3. Increase Followers: If many of your IGTV posts are interesting and share a common topic or niche, viewers may even want to follow your profile to receive your updates.
  4. Stir Engagement: Nothing makes viewers comment or like a video more than seeing others do the same. If your IGTV already gets viewed but not engaged, a few IGTV likes and comments are all that you need to stir viewers’ engagement.
  5. Control Over Numbers: You get as many IGTV views and likes as you want to. Unlike other websites with heavy subscription fees, services like InstaViral let you decide what number of views you really need and not the pre-set number to pay for.

How to Buy IGTV Views?

The process of buying IGTV views is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide using the example of InstaViral:

  1. Choose the Option: Click the button to select a package. More variations are on the product page.
  2. Select IGTV Views: Once you are on the product page, choose the views count from the dropdown.
  3. Complete the Purchase: Decide to pay with PayPal, all major cards, Google/Apple Pay, or cryptocurrency.

Safety Measures When Buying IGTV Views

While buying IGTV views can be beneficial, it’s essential to do so safely. Here are some safety rules to follow when buying IGTV services:

  1. Do Not Provide a Password or Login Details: A legitimate service does not need access to your profile to deliver IGTV views, likes, or comments.
  2. Choose Slower Delivery Over Instant: Slower delivery resembles the natural speed of views appearing on a video, while a sudden influx of views can raise suspicion, especially for accounts with less activity.
  3. Buy IGTV Likes to Compliment Views: Often, when someone watches an interesting video they comment or like it. Thus, a great deal of IGTV views with barely any post likes may not look organic.
  4. Buy IGTV Views for Newly Released Posts: Even though older posts get viewed as well, new content is Instagram’s priority. Doubling IGTV views on older posts may not be as efficient as doing so for new videos.
  5. Try the Smallest Package Before Ordering More: Do not be fooled by promises, see the service yourself. Better if you could avoid any monthly subscriptions. Choosing the service, look for guaranteed refills.
  6. Multiple Payment Methods Ensure Legibility: Every payment processor screens a merchant applying before approving it.

Best Practices for More IGTV Views

While buying views can give your IGTV videos a boost, it’s also important to follow best practices to naturally increase your views:

  1. Use a Balanced Ratio of Hashtags: Keep a balanced ratio of general and niche relevant hashtags of 2:1 (about 11/post in total).
  2. Post Quality Content Regularly: Well thought and edited IGTV videos 2-5 times a week.
  3. Choose the Right Time to Post: Mid-week uploads (Wednesdays through Fridays) tend to get viewed more.
  4. Add Custom Thumbnails: Adding custom thumbnails improves viewers’ interest in IGTV posts.
  5. Engage with Your Audience: IGTV posts are shared to Stories and news Feed, and user comments are responded to.

By combining the purchase of IGTV views with these best practices, you can significantly increase the visibility and engagement of your IGTV videos.

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