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Exclusive Social Media Marketing Strategies

How to Search Multiple Tags on Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social networking platform that offers a wide range of subjects of interest.

One of the key features of Tumblr is its tagging system, which allows users to categorize their posts and interests.

This system is not only beneficial for categorizing content but also plays a significant role in driving traffic to your blog and helping your posts get discovered by others.

This article will guide you on how to search multiple tags on Tumblr, which is a handy feature for narrowing down your search and finding specific content.

What Are Tags on Tumblr?

Tags on Tumblr are similar to hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. They guide blog viewers to explore topics of interest and help your posts be seen in the public stream. Tumblr does not have specific categories; instead, it uses tags to categorize the content.

Using the right search tags can attract more users and increase your incoming traffic. However, it’s important to note that the goal of using tags or hashtags is not just to attract a large audience but to attract the right target audience. Therefore, it’s crucial to use the right tags, not just many.

How to Search Multiple Tags on Tumblr

When you search content with tags on Tumblr, using a single tag in your search will show you all of the content that has that tag. However, searching multiple tags is a different process that can help you narrow down your search. This feature is also important for your blog. When people search by multiple tags on Tumblr, you would want your post to be seen by your target audience. Therefore, choosing your tags carefully is crucial.

Here are the steps for how to search multiple tags on Tumblr:

  1. Write the first tag you want to search for in the search bar.
  2. After adding the first tag, put a comma at the end of the tag and write another tag after leaving a space.
  3. Repeat this process as much as you want, and you can search for multiple tags.

These steps are pretty simple and straightforward. By following them, you can search for specific topics on Tumblr.


Tags are an essential feature on Tumblr. They allow you to reach all of the content that you are interested in and play a significant role in growing your social media audience. Remember to use the right tags when posting and searching. Searching with multiple tags can help you narrow down your search and find more specific content.

As a Tumblr user, understanding and utilizing the tagging system can greatly enhance your experience on the platform. Whether you’re a blogger looking to increase your audience or a user trying to find content that matches your interests, the ability to search multiple tags can be a powerful tool.

Remember, the key to effective tagging is not just about quantity, but about choosing the right tags that accurately represent your content and attract your target audience.

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