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kill all argonians copypasta

kill argonians, behead argonians, roundhouse kick Argonian into the concrete, slam dunk a argonian baby into the trash can, crucify filthy argonians, defecate into argonians food, launch argonians into the sun, stir fry argonians in a wok, toss argonians into active volcanoes, urinate into argonian's gas tank, Judo throw argonians into a wood chipper, twist argonians heads off, report argonians to the IRS, karate chop argonians in half, curb stomp pregnant argonians, trap argonians in quicksand, Crush argonians in the trash compactor, liquify argonians in a vat of acid, eat argonians, dissect argonians, exterminate argonians in the gas chamber, stomp Argonian skulls with steel-toed boots, cremate argonians in the oven, lobotomized argonians, mandatory abortions for argonians, grind Argonian fetuses in the garbage disposal, drown argonians in fried chicken grease, vaporize argonians with a raygun, kick old argonians down the stairs, feed argonians to alligators, slice argonians with a katana.
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